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04 Jun, 2023
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Afghanistan To Play ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021

Afghanistan has been all over the news with the Taliban taking over the country, after the withdrawal of the American troops. Due to this, there have been some doubts about the future of the country with regards to its commitment to sports and cricket especially. There were speculations doing the rounds whether their team would play the upcoming T20 World Cup or not. These doubts have now been answered.

With the political situation of the country, things are a bit complicated at the moment. There is a serious situation within the country that the world is talking about. These conditions could lead to something major in the upcoming days. Despite that, the ICC and the fans were concerned about their participation in the tournament.

The Latest Update On Afghanistan’s Future With Regards To The Upcoming Edition Of The T20 World Cup

While there were some major questions about the future of the country with regards to its cricket commitments, the fans can now rest at ease. Recently, the media manager Hikmat Hassan came out and assured everyone that things were fine. He added that the team will be part of the T20 World Cup. There was further assurance that the preparations would go ahead as per plan.

Hassan told ANI, “Yes, we will surely play in the upcoming T20 World Cup. The preparations are on for the tournament. All the available players will be back to regular training in Kabul in the next few days.”

The tri-series involving Afghanistan, Australia and Sri Lanka still needs a venue. Talking about that, he further added, “We are looking for a venue for the tri-series involving Australia and West Indies and that will be the best preparation for the showpiece event. We are speaking to some countries like Sri Lanka and also I think Malaysia. Let’s see how that pans out.”

He further continued, “We are already set to play Pakistan in Hambantota. That series is also on without a doubt. To add to that, we are planning to go ahead with the domestic T20 tournament. It shall boost preparations for the players ahead of the T20 World Cup.”

Rashid Khan and Mohammed Nabi are at present in the UK playing in The Hundred. Hassan went on to add that the players will be given any sort of assistance if the need does arise. Let’s wait and watch what the future holds for Afghanistan with regards to the upcoming T20 World Cup.

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