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03 Jun, 2023
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Michael Vaughan Unhappy With Joe Root’s Captaincy On The Final Day Of The Lord’s Test

Michael Vaughan is at times really harsh when he criticizes some of the players or teams. That has been a habit of the former English skipper on Social Media platforms for quite some time. He has gotten a lot of stick from the Indian fans and former players as well at times. This hasn’t stopped him from doing the same over and over again, especially when England plays India.

However, this time the scenario is rather different. Michael Vaughan has found a new target. That too, post the loss in the second Test that England suffered at the hands of the Indian team.

Michael Vaughan Was Unhappy With Certain Aspects Of Joe Root’s Captaincy And He Made It Quite Clear

The former England opening batsman questioned some of the tactics of Joe Root. He was left shell-shocked as the English skipper deployed more players to attack Rishabh Pant but fewer for a lower-order batsman like Bumrah. He could not understand why there were more players on the boundary for the Indian pacer.

That too at a time in the game when the idea should have been to get them all out and fast. With that being said, Michael Vaughan had some harsh comments for Root when he spoke to BBC. He said, “Jasprit Bumrah had more fielders on the boundary while batting than Rishabh Pant. How can that even happen when you have got players like Joe Root and James Anderson who have played over 100 Test matches? They have gotten the tactics completely wrong at such a crucial time.”

Well, England did have the advantage in the match until the fifth day of the game. Joe Root took responsibility for the loss and accepted that he got it wrong. On the other hand, Team India had some brilliant performances right throughout the day. However, there is no stopping Michael Vaughan when he starts to criticize a player and this time, a lot of cricket fans across the globe would agree that he is right to do so.

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