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19 Aug, 2022
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All You Need To Know About The Upcoming iPhone 14

Even though the newly released iPhone 13 is still in news, speculations about the next iteration have already started. Apple iPhone 14 design leaks that have been surfacing over the the internet hints toward a significant redesign, a brand-new punch-hole camera, and a host of hardware upgrades. 

Apple iPhone 14 Features and Design

The latest iteration of the iPhone is expected to come with a titanium case protected with a glass surface. It is essentially a combination of iPhone 12 and iPhone 4S design aesthetics, giving it a robust structure. According to 3D renders, the new iPhone will not have the infamous camera hump. Instead, it will have a thicker glass on the back to cover the rounded edges of the camera. According to reports, Apple will be replacing the display notch with a punch-hole camera.

For charging and data transfers, the company is likely to use a USB type c connector. The latest European Union guidelines mandate mobile phone manufacturers to use a universal charging solution to cut down on e-wastage. However, Apple may stick to using lightning ports on its devices. Powering the device would be an A16 bionic processor and a 4nm chip process. Both the base and Pro variants are likely to feature a 6.0 6 inch display with 2532 X 1170 resolutions. According to reports, Apple iPhone 14 specifications will be getting an LTPO display source from LG. The use of a punch-hole camera can be seen only once the device is launched.

It is rumored that the latest iteration of the iPhone will be featuring a 2 TB storage configuration for the pro and higher models. On the other hand, the best variant is likely to have 1TB storage. There will also be an upgrade in terms of battery and 5G connectivity. Apple has been constantly introducing the latest iterations of its flagship device for the last couple of years. iPhone 13 made it to the market back in September around its usual launch timeline. The latest iPhone 14 Pro along with other variants is likely to be available by September 2022. However, there is no information about Apple iPhone 14 Launch Date and pricing yet. It is expected that the prices of the upcoming variant will be based on the current pricing trends. Currently, the iPhone 13 Pro with 128 GB of storage retails for ?119990.

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