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31 Mar, 2023
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Endorse a License Management Appexchange and Boost Your Customer Engagement!

Salesforce’s AppExchange has grown to be a very popular and successful application in the tech world. There are umpteen different software packages on the market that can help you enhance your workability.

Appexchange App Development has a multi dimensional programs that may be used for document processing. It can also be used for a variety of other chores that will benefit individuals employed in various business sectors.

Some Appexchange applications are apparently superior to others. Apps that prove to be ineffective in a wider range of situations will become more relevant via Appexchange management. The more prevalent applications can be used in a bulk of sectors. You may take a look at five of the top apps available on AppExchange right now.

License Management Appexchange
Sales Activity Dashboard

Salesforce has created this dashboard, which is available as a freebie. The Sales Activity Dashboard allows company owners and managers the option to evaluate sales patterns. The tool also enables the study of sales rep activity rates, which speeds up document processing.

Data Synch

Data Synch is a solution that synchronizes data between QuickBooks and Salesforce. The solution was created to eliminate time delays while also eliminating errors. The errors are caused by duplicate data submissions and incomplete information about products, clients, and solutions. Data Synch ensures that the information about items, transactions, and customers is seamlessly synchronized. It makes document workflow as simple as possible.

Google AdWords

Salesforce, in conjunction with Google AdWords, is another License Management Appexchange Salesforce solution. This tool is well accepted by online marketers since it allows them to monitor Google ad campaigns. Having Salesforce for Google AdWords access allows online businesses to see how profitable each ad campaign is. They can also use the app to keep track of their website lead generation initiatives.


Jigsaw is indeed an online directory app that offers only trivial monthly subscriptions. This online database, which has roughly over 300,000 users, covers business connections as well as company records. It was built, administered, and updated by a worldwide network. Subscription to the Jigsaw directory gives you access to critical business data that can help you make sales, hiring, and marketing selections.


The SalesGenius application for Salesforce allows users to locate leads by floating emails that can be tracked without requiring any programming or IT know-how. The SalesGenius tool also sends users alerts about opportunities for website visits, including links to other relevant information. Moreover, it helps speed up document workflows.

Today, IT has become an indispensable part of every organization. Therefore, there is no harm in putting your money in a platform that can lend you a complete package to effectively execute each element of your business operations.

Salesforce is a platform that can drive all of your departments, including marketing, sales, support, License Management Appexchange, media and entertainment IT solutions, internal and external solutions, and so on. Besides, it can offer you a collaborative perspective of the customer’s data. Without having to invest in new software or hardware, it can give you a plethora of customized applications that match your needs and help you achieve your predefined business objectives.

Salesforce Knowledge makes it simple for businesses to share and handle data with their internal workers and external stakeholders. Before moving forward with Salesforce technology solutions and installation, companies must think about a few things.

Here are some of the key questions to consider before implementing Salesforce Appexchange strategies:

  • How much control over the article lifecycle does your company require?
  • Is it possible for the agents to locate, generate, and deliver articles?
  • Do you want to supply agents with articles in multiple formats?
  • Is your company concentrating on a certain audience base with a specific genre of articles?
  • Is it necessary for your firm to have ingress-specific reports and stats for the support articles?
  • Does your company assist multiple channels?
  • Is Chatter required for agents to engage in Support Articles?
  • Are your agents able to give the articles a logical rating?
  • Is it critical for agents to have exposure to better search capabilities when looking for articles?
  • Is the Service Console View properly used by the agents?

An efficient business organization that knows the answers to these questions relentlessly strives to create an ideal CRM development experience. Besides, it creates competitive Salesforce solutions. The solutions can be profitably employed in a variety of fields, including economics, healthcare, engineering, and telecommunications.


Salesforce applications for internal domains should include a project management strategy, whereas apps on the Appexchange should be designed with the support of a cohesive technical team.

Dreamstel Technologies is a top-tier global IT solutions and services provider. It provides Salesforce Consulting and unique Appexchange IT solutions to a range of e-commerce sectors in India and abroad. The Company has its development centers rooted in Noida, India, and Delaware, USA. Dreamstel Technologies’ headquarters is situated in NSW, Australia.

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