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03 Jun, 2023
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Evolution of Virtual Tours in Real Estate

Real estate has been one of those industries that have been lasting in this world for many years. Well, there is a lot to know about the current real estate industry. It has significantly revolved 360 degrees by using modern technologies. One of the most usual and finest things used by real estate businesses is virtual tours software. 97% of the potential buyers start their search for real estate properties online and prefer to only visit the location for the last formalities. The online world has taken a complete toll on how things have been working. 

virtual tours

The same also happened with the present evolution of virtual tour technology in the real estate business. Well, the evolution process is not so simple that it can be expressed in just a few words, but it needs a complete introduction and explanation. This write-up would be the right spot for you to garner the required information about the same. Keep reading for more information!

The beginning, Slide Show “Virtual Tours.”

Before introducing the 360 technology, Google Maps was the first to offer a prominent glimpse of the commercial use of 360-degree vows. Furthermore, before the smartphones acquired the pace, the slide shows were the only medium used by the realtors to display the virtual tours. Well, this tour was real estate video and photography, nothing else. 

In the early times, the virtual tours were simply a series of still real estate listing images strung together inside the slide show. You need to click the arrows for scrolling forth and back among the architectural photography. It was the only “virtual walkthrough” experience that the users got to know about at the time. 

The Arrival of 360° Virtual Tour Photography

Well, dealing with the traditional method was still a fuss until 360 degree technology was brought into the picture. It was a series of distorted photos that were stitched to create a spherical image. Hence, these pictures were primarily loaded in the software that allows the viewers to stand in between the sphere and look around. The earlier virtual tours were only panoramic tours where you could not see up and down, but it is possible nowadays.

On top of everything, the panoramas displayed on the tiny screens could not be enlarged as their quality was low and had low pixels. Also, they take around 2 minutes for one section to load, and the other area would get dizzy. Among all the major complaints, one was such that they lack the features that can easily improvise the 360-degree virtual tour experience of a person. This was the major reason why software development companies slowly worked on launching their software to enhance the customer experience. 

Virtual Tour Companies Introduced Major Improvements

Every company developing the virtual tours software had its own take over the 360 tour experience of the users. The only aspect that was clear is that they aim to bring in the use of features that are imaginable. Also, the 360 viewer interface became so bulky that the audience would feel overloaded with features at times. 

Some features such as custom buttons, music, previews, tour maps, infoboxes, descriptions, menu, picture boxes, maps, floor plans, and hotspot arrows were among some features that were not required at any point soon. These features turned out to be quite complicated, that realtors would find it difficult to find the virtual tour from their listings. 

Adding extra was focused to the extent that bringing in the use of functionality and ability to provide a smooth user experience was neglected. It made it clear that virtual tours do not need extra, but they need to be simplified and optimized to provide a smooth experience to the users. 

Present Virtual Tour Softwares are Simplified and Perfected

After all the experience, it was clear that the extra things needed to be removed, and the expert virtual tour software was simplified. All the focus was on enhancing the interface to display the home and sell all the real estate properties. The software development companies cleaned up everything and made the virtual tour experience a simple yet perfect real estate business feature. 

The major changes in 360 cameras and virtual tour photography helped the business to display the properties in ultra HD on a full screen with multiple zoom-in functions. Also, the loading speed was reduced to a few seconds to ensure that the user did not feel frustrated. Hence, the present virtual tour experience is near to perfection, and it is used by most business providers globally. 

Use the Best Virtual Tour Software 

It is important for realtors to provide a seamless streaming experience to their customers. Thus, bringing in the use of the best and most desirable software to enhance the virtual tours experience of your customers. There are multiple options out there in the market, and picking among them can be a fuss. 

Hence, Klapty is one of the trustable software to provide the best and efficient 360-degree tour experience to your customers. It is an excellent software that is available for all businesses, be it real estate or any other business. The perks of using this software are limitless, and knowing about them is only possible when you will explore its features. To have a better view and understanding of this software, strike at the website now!

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