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03 Jun, 2023
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How Phony Call Centers Trick Users

Tricking smartphone users to steal their personal information is not new to us. You probably have heard about the cases when a person gets an anonymous call asking about a debit card and other information, and within a second, he receives a message from his bank about money withdrawal. But it’s quite an older trick, and almost everyone is aware of it. Nevertheless, hackers have developed various new ways to fool people, and we solemnly need to stay mindful of them.

New phony call centers have been found tricking people into installing ransomware and data stealers. They send you email messages with attractive deals where you need to pay subscription charges unless you call on a specific phone number. Those who are unaware of these tricks call on the number where an actual human from a fraudulent call center picks the call and instructs him to download the BazaLoader malware.

BazaLoader, also known as BazarBackdoor, is a C++ based downloader that can install several malicious programs on an infected computer. This campaign first came to notice in April 2020, and the hackers behind it have fooled many people. A report was published on Thursday in which the Microsoft 365 Defender Threat Intelligence Team said that the attack emanating from the BazaLoader could quickly move within a network. It can conduct extensive credential theft and data exfiltration within 48 hours.

Fake eBooks, free movie streaming subscriptions, and attractive online vouchers are the stepping stones for these hackers to trick people into installing BazaLoader malware. Well, the traditional automated malware attacks are not as dangerous as the BazaCall Campaign because it uses the human element which makes it severely dangerous.

The only way to keep your system protected from BazaLoader is to avoid clicking on unnecessary links because you never know which link may lead your system to install this malware. I hope you find this article interesting and valuable. Please feel free to share your views about the BazaLoader malware and phony call centers below in the comment section. Thank you!

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