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24 May, 2022
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How To Frame Influencer Marketing Campaigns?

In this regularly changing marketing scenario, where marketing practices pose significant challenges to organizations, influencer marketing has emerged as a popular marketing method. According to a study report, around 86% of marketers rely on influencer marketing campaigns. Among these, 94% find this marketing method an effective one.

Influencer marketing assists brands boost their authenticity, which is essential for building trust among customers. This marketing method also helps in driving engagement, website traffic, and conversions. Brands, irrespective of their market capitalization, employ this marketing strategy in their digital marketing efforts. Through this guide, we will show you how marketers design their publicity campaigns.

Goal Setting

It is impractical to opt for any marketing campaign without having a clear picture of desired goals. The reason is that without a clear purpose, you will move forward aimlessly. This way, you only end up wasting your valuable resources, including time, energy, and money, on the way. This is why before proceeding with any campaign, you must prepare a draft picture of your business objective.

What to expect from marketing campaigns?

If you want to enhance your performance but are unaware of the factors that influence the marketing campaign, then you are at the correct place. You may probably expect enhancement of your brand’s engagement with market audiences or want to promote new products or events with the relevant audience.

Whatever the objective is, all you need is to have a clear picture of your goal. Goals actually act as a basis to plan and execute your campaign strategies.

Selection Of Influencers

After defining your goal for the marketing purpose, now you need to look after an Influencer Marketing Platform that could assist you in achieving your marketing objective. What you need to remember is that the platform that you choose should relate to your brand’s objectives. This also helps you to choose influencers who help you:

    • Enhance brand awareness: Influencers who have massive customer outreach.
    • Boost brand sentiment: Influencers who are reputed for their honesty and authenticity.
    • Build brand trust: Influencers who are popular for creating authentic content.
    • Drive engagement: Relevant micro-influencers who have high engagement rates.
    • Drive conversions: Mix of top and mid-cap influencers, as well as micro-influencers across multiple niches.
    • Promote a product launch: Industry experts and expert influencers with significant outreach.

These only depict a few examples of the variety of influencers you can choose to work with. You can also choose to work with influencers as per some common influencer marketing goals. While looking for influencers, you must feel free to mix things a bit and adjust as per your specific goals.

Award Sufficient Compensation

According to some experts, the biggest mistake you commit in influencer marketing is failing to award your influencers with appropriate compensation. Influencers allow you to use their influence to reach a relevant audience. Hence, it would be best if you compensate them fairly for their efforts and assistance.

For your simplicity, you can choose a compensatory model among the following:

  • Cost Per Engagement: You can choose this model when you wish to compensate influencers according to the number of engagements they drive towards your brand.
  • Cost Per Click: With this model, you can compensate influencers as per the number of clicks they drive to your landing page. This model is as effective as the cost per engagement model.
  • Pay Per Post: Through this model, you compensate influencers a fixed amount for each post that they create for your business.
  • Free Products/Experiences: Instead of providing monetary compensation, you can compensate influencers by providing them free products or experiences in return for their partnership. This is also known as barter partnership.
  • Cost Per Acquisition: This model is also famous as ‘cost per conversion’ or ‘cost per action’, which depicts compensation for the number of actions or acquisitions influencers drive to your business.

    Planning Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

After learning the basics of finding and compensating influencers, it is time to think about the type of campaign you want to execute. There are numerous ways to conduct effective marketing campaigns. Among these, three are widely popular types that you can opt for. These involve:

  • Assist Influencers Set Up Instagram Storefronts: Before launching any influencer marketing campaign, you must involve powerful social media channels like Instagram. Even influencers themselves suggest this channel as the most effective platform for Influencer Marketing Services in India. However, the problem is that Instagram doesn’t allow users to add publicity links to their posts.
    So, when you plan on executing publicity campaigns, you must allow influencers to set up their own storefronts. This way, influencers can post photos of your products on Instagram and involve a link of the storefront in their bio. Storefronts include images of your products, with links to the specific product page. This simplifies your marketing efforts.
  • Promote Giveaway Contests: Giveaways constitute an effective component of influencer marketing. These help you engage your target audience and raise more awareness about your brand. Whenever an influencer hosts a giveaway contest featuring your products, they engage with their followers to drive them towards your business. Generally, contest rules require users to tag their friends in the comment section or share the giveaway post on their profiles. This enhances the brand’s awareness to a great extent.
  • Create unique content: While scrolling through social media handles, you may have noticed unnatural or even robotic influencer content. The generation of such form of content happens when businesses try to overpower influencers’ promotional activities. However, this is a big mistake that companies commit as influencers are influencers for a reason. They know how to develop unique and engaging content that resonates with their audience base.

When you work with influencers, you must trust them to tell your brand’s story in their voices. This way, they engage better with their followers and interests them to check out your brand.

Final Words

By now, you must have learnt enough about influencer marketing. Now it is time to act accordingly to popularize your brand among targeted audiences. For this, you can check out Digi-Markets. Digi-Markets is a digital marketing firm famous for its Influencer Marketing Campaigns and other digital marketing services.

We all know that the modern world is entirely based upon digital frameworks. Hence, going with digital solutions for marketing problems becomes a must. To conduct your marketing on digital platforms, all you need is the assistance of a digital marketing firm. This is why you must ask Digi-Markets for their marketing assistance.

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