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28 May, 2023
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The Origin of Facebook’s New Meta Logo and the Reaction of the Audience towards it

Over the years, Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate, but the exciting aspect is that the platform hasn’t forgotten to revolutionize itself! It keeps on rejuvenating itself to make us feel updated. A recent step in its evolution was the Meta logo of Facebook. The CEO of Facebook, “Mark Zuckerberg” revealed that the platform would rebrand itself with a Meta logo that looks like a distorted infinity loop. It is the symbolic representation of Facebook’s aim to connect people to its metaverse plan. On 28th of October, during the connect 2021 conference; Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would rebrand itself to reflect its actual brand value. The word “meta” literally means “beyond” in Greek which symbolizes that Facebook wishes to go beyond and push their horizons to improve the user experience and take it to a higher level.


What Is Facebook’s Metaverse Plan?

Facebook professes metaverse as the most significant evolution of social technology, which will enable the integration of augmented and virtual realities. It aims to develop a 3-dimensional immersive user experience that will allow the world to bridge the physical distance excellently. The platform announces in its website blog that the upcoming technology will let you do things together, even on a virtual platform. On 09 december 2021,Meta launched its first virtual world, Horizon world. Along with launching its first virtual world, Facebook also revealed its new logo which is a fascinating symbol taking on different perspectives. The design looks similar to the alphabet “M” to represent the “metaverse.”


It also looks like a distorted infinity sign which symbolizes the never-ending aspects of the metaverse plan. It indeed describes the metaverse, which allows you to move around in a 3-dimensional system and pickup endless textures. The sign of infinity originally comes from “ouroboros,” which shows a dragon biting its tail and symbolizes the cycle of birth and death. Therefore, we can consider that the company wants to indicate its rejuvenation. The company claims that the choice of blue color for the logo will help connect their new evolved version to their original roots.


The Reaction of Internet Users after the Launch of the New Meta Logo of Facebook

The internet users flooded several social media platforms as soon as Facebook launched its Meta logo. Recently, a company named “M-sense” claims that Meta logo is copied from their logo. The reason for such a controversial claim stems from the look of Facebook’s new logo. Yes! The Meta logo is similar to the symbol of a German company, and it seems almost the same. Taking a dig at Facebook, the M-sense company tweeted that they are happy to see Facebook being inspired by their logo. However, they also expect Facebook to get inspired by their privacy policy. The founder of Logolounge, “bill gardener,” says that the infinity symbol and its variations have been quite popular among brands for a long time. He reports having found around 1200 variations of this symbol, which indicates how common it is for brands to adopt this as their logo. Therefore, the audience seems to have mixed opinions, expectations yet lots of memes for Facebook’s new logo and metaverse theme.

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