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03 Jun, 2023
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Why Is Everyone Talking About Making Video Ads?

If you are still not using video advertising for your business, you will get left behind eating your competitor’s dust. Today, commercial campaigns are not just for big corporations. Even small and medium-scale enterprises with limited advertising budgets can rely on video ads to promote their products and services. Now, an affordable online video editor levels the playing field because you have access to amazing tools that make video production a breeze. You can learn more at  

For this reason, everyone is buzzing about and sharing the importance of video ads in growing businesses. Without video campaigns, you will waste all your efforts improving your products and services. Why? Because your target market will not know how to find you. With your smartphone camera and online video editor, you will waste opportunities if you don’t hit the record button. Here are the top reasons why making video ads is a trending topic. 

Assures That The Target Market Enjoys Videos

Content may be king, but among all the formats, videos reign supreme. Modern people love videos because they stimulate more senses. Moreover, with audio and visual components, videos prove more engaging than plain text or pictures. Besides, an article takes a lot of time to read, while images are subject to misinterpretation. 

Thus, you must find a way to convey your company’s messages using video format. It is the best way to engage with modern people who love watching videos. Take a look at the following data below that reinforces this concept:

  • People watch more than 5 billion videos on Youtube daily.
  • One-third of shoppers buy products after seeing an ad. 
  • Videos on a landing page increase conversion rates.
  • An astounding 92% of B2B prospects prefer to watch product videos online.

Helps Convert Attention Into Sales

Since time immemorial, commercials on TV prove the most effective when it comes to securing attention. Since the catchy jingles and visually appealing images make a mark on the viewers, it fosters brand recognition and creates memory recall. Thus, buyers feel inclined to buy the brand when they encounter it in the store. Well, video ads work the same way. 

Thus, if you want to secure the most attention for your website and social media profiles, you must crank up your online video editor to curate stunning ads that make an impact. Besides, the biggest eCommerce market arenas like eBay and Amazon share that a video with the product description increases the chances of a shopper buying the product by 35%. 

Ascertains Easy Sharing to Expand Audience Base

The advent of the digital revolution completely changed how people behaved. Now, it is common for everyone to share things that resonate with them online. Therefore, creating video ads matters because people who find them interesting can readily share them with their social media followers. As a result, you open up doors for your brand in different markets.

In fact, every like, comment, share, or tag expands your audience base. All of these are amazing opportunities to generate leads and create conversions. For example, Twitter shared that over 700 users share videos per minute on their platform. Just imagine this happening in various social media apps. This means that every video you release can increase your brand’s exposure exponentially. Thus, you must start planning and using online video editor apps to create a content strategy that drives revenues higher. 

Works Well On Mobile Anytime and Anywhere

Businesses love video ads because viewers can readily watch them even when they are on the go. Today, an astounding 5 billion people out of the 8 billion people worldwide own a mobile device. Remarkably, this rate is going higher per day. Corollary to this, the number of people watching videos on mobile also continues its upward trend. 

Hence, as a business owner, you must capitalize on this to get maximum exposure. An amazing statistic said that 88% of short videos running around 30 seconds do well. People find time to watch it from start to finish. So what are you waiting for? Use your online video editor to start churning out short snippets for your brand. Even if you have no experience, you can use the pre-designed templates and be done in a few minutes. 

Displays Authority While Creating Value

Because videos incorporate both audio and visual components, it appeals to various senses. With this, the ad performs well as an education tool that informs the viewers. But, remember, people feel skeptical of supporting brands they know nothing about. Thus, you must use your online video editor to create helpful resources that show your credibility.

At the same time, you must add value to the ones watching. To illustrate, you can team them with new concepts or help them learn how to use your products. For best results, you can create different styles of video ads like:

  • How-tos
  • Demos
  • Slideshows
  • MTV’s
  • Short explainers
  • Creative animations 

Makes a Great Impact on SEO

With the advent of the Internet, modern people have made it a habit to search for information on Google before doing anything. Whether looking for a restaurant, researching prices, or looking at product ingredients, they do it all on Google. Thus, you must prioritize ranking well on search engine results pages so that people will see our company first. Hardly ever does a Google searcher look at the 2nd or 3rd pages of the results list. 

Notably, putting video content matters to search engines, so you must include a video on your website if you want to rank higher. Videos show your authority which the algorithms love. On top of that, sharing videos on social media, adding them to your site, or posting them with blogs will increase your visibility. The likelihood of warm leads finding your brand becomes higher with more exposure. 

Tells Stories The Resonate With the Heart

Finally, you must use your online video editor because it allows you to say more in a shorter amount of time compared to text. Also, with video ads, you can show and tell at the same time. Besides, elements like a good narrative, dramatic music, good acting, and even sound effects can create an emotional impact that other types of content cannot do. 

Parting Words

With this at your disposal, you create a better impression on your followers. Besides, video ads allow you to develop a more solid relationship with storytelling. Consequently, with ads, you can connect your viewers better to your brand and show them why your products or services are an indispensable part of their lives.

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